Thursday, March 24, 2016

ICOCA Pass to travel in Osaka, Kyoto & Kobe Japan

Hello everyone! I am sorry if I still can't get enough of Osaka. So today just to help you on what kind of pass should you use when you are about to travel in Osaka, Japan.

Great news to people who can't really speak Japanese (like me) as this ICOCA card will help you to travel in peace of mind. Ouch!!

Below are few advantages of using this card:-

1. You don't have to wait in line to purchase train ticket

2. You can use it to buy drinks / foods at selected stores
3. Save you time when your train is about to leave

Remember, in Japan TIME is very important. So the easiest way to know that is your train is, by just looking at the time at the platform.

This ICOCA card can only be use for JR WEST means it cover Kansai Airport, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe area. (JR train, subway, private railways and buses. - some private rail not supported by ICOCA card)

Few tips to share if you are travelling in Osaka:-

- Print and get to know where is your hotel, airport and attraction places (This will gives you a view on how far the place is, and the travel time)

- Go to the Tourist Information counter and get the train map. Here, you can ask many question as you want and they will guide you to the right place.
- If your are not confident to take the train, just buy the Osaka Airport Limousine at the Tourist Information counter and you are ready to go.
- Please get a pocket data/ roaming before you enter Japan because not every place offers a free Wifi.

Hope my writing helps...

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